Thursday, 21 April 2011

Why I hate textbooks

Just a quick reflection for now before I post about my new burglar alarm (courtesy of experiment 15 in MAKE: Electronics). One thing that I continually keep on doing is buying textbooks, putting them in my cupboard to read when the time comes that I need to seek help - however, I never do end up looking at them, I have the internet, with interactive information; videos, exercises all in one place, If I don't understand a term I'll look it up on wikipedia. Why do I continue to irrationally buy these textbooks when I know I have a very low chance of ever reading them? I like to think it's because once I've spent that amount of cash on a book, it will be presented exactly how I would like it to be, easily digestible, easily understood. It's almost as if when I buy it I expect to know the contents of it once owning it, sadly not the truth. I'm becoming more and more reliant on internet resources nowadays, Kahn Academy is playing a big role in my education now, well sorted, comprehensive videos on what I need to learn for college and more all in an easily accessible place, just a button click a way. I'm going to try and refrain from buying more textbooks, spending time looking for them and reading reviews, I'm going to try and find more online resources. I like that they're free (the majority) therefore I can't "own" it per-say which results in me putting time and effort in learning the content vs. "owning" it and assuming I can learn it when the time comes around.

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